Latest News on rising number of COVID positive cases in India

Latest News on rising number of COVID positive cases in India

Latest News on rising number of COVID positive cases in India

Latest News on rising number of COVID positive cases in India

Despite the successive lockdown, no respite is visible in the spread of corona virus. With total confirmed case total touching 1.7 million mark, the spread is taking a draconian shape.

Last 24 hours seen highest ever active cases of Corona Virus in India. In the last 24 hours, the number of active cases detected in India was 57117. With this the total number of cases in India reaches near to 17 lac cases.

The number of death cases has also reached 36511 with 764 people died in the last 24 hours.

The only good news about the pandemic is the number of recovered cases has also rose to 10,94, 374. The number of recovered cases in the last 24 hours has also been the highest when total of 36568 people won the battle of Corona infection. With the recovery in India scaled to 64,54%.

The gap between the confirmed cased and the active has also widened and crossed the 5 lac mark.

India is conducting more and more test on daily basis. More than 5 lac tests were conducted on Friday. India has so far conducted a total of 1.93 Crore test till Friday.

Why number of cases is increasing?

First reason for the rising number of cases is the failure on the part of the state government to increase the number of testing, contact tracing and isolating the people who have contacted with the infected with the people. Despite the preparedness window given by the early lockdown, the state government have failed to convert it to improve the capacity. Number of labs capable of testing was not increased timely. In the eastern Uttar Pradesh which is one of the most densely populated part of the state, one testing lab was serving the 30 million peoples. State could not improve upon the contact tracing force.

Secondly, the hospital infrastructure as well as quarantine centre could not be furthered. Social media platform are flooded with the pleas of the relative who were seriously ill with the COVID virus. Infected people were turned away by the hospitals due to lack of beds. Also, those people who are asymptomatic or having mild symptoms also scared of informing the administration due to poor facilities available at quarantine centre.

Thirdly, the ease of lockdown subsequently is also contributing the rising cases of infection. However, the ease of lockdown is necessary in order to revive the economy. Any restriction beyond a certain period would lose its effectiveness. Unlock is necessary for opening the business without which the chaos would be far more severe than the pandemic. People would have no money in their hand to sustain their livelihood.

Lastly, the people also need to understand their contribution. Blaming the government would not serve the cause. Prevention is better than cure. Staying home is the only key. Citizen must refrain going out unless it is absolutely necessary.

So far, it is said by the government that community spread is not observed in India. But we must be proactive to  not let it happen. Because once it happens the India will be in great trouble sighting its population density and zero possibility of any vaccine in near future.

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