Foundation for Ram Temple laid by PM Modi

Foundation for Ram Temple laid by PM Modi

Foundation for Ram Temple laid by PM Modi

Foundation for Ram Temple laid by PM Modi

Finally the foundation of the Lord Ram Temple is laid today by the honourable Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.

Today the Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with approx 200 dignitaries attended the ceremony of foundation laying of Lord Sri Ram Temple at Ayodhya.

During the ceremony, Prime Minister said that decades long wait of every Indian comes to an end. The Lord who was living in a tent for many year will now reside in a temple built for him by his bhakts. 

The foundation of Sri Ram Temple has made a tight slap on the face of the pseudo-liberals. Pseudo-liberals are those who claim themselves as secular but in reality they are actually either anti-hindu or pro-minority.

When these pseudo liberal saw that appeasement of minorities is not working effectively they started supporting the Lord Sri Ram Temple. For e.g., Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra who is Congress Leader extended the party’s support to the Ram temple ceremony. It’s the same congress which claimed the Ram as imaginative figure and supported the destruction of the Ram-Setu for the so called economic benefit.

Many self proclaimed Muslim leaders expressed their willingness for attending the ceremony. However none of them came forward when the matter was subjudice to support the Lord Ram Temple case and never asked the Muslim party to relinquish their case in support of Hindus Claim. True secularism would have been achieved if they had done the same earlier.

But to capitalise the growing solidarity among the Hindus, each of these pseudo liberals is eyeing to project themselves as champion of majority’s objective.

The legal battle which spanned over two decades was awarded the order on 9th November 2019 when five judge constitutional bench of Supreme Court gave the award in favour of the “Ram Lala Virajmaan”. The disputed 2.77 acre of land was ordered for the Lord Sri Ram Temple.

The Supreme Court also ordered that the Muslims also get the 5 acre land for their mosque which was welcomed by everyone.

However despite the award by the honourable Supreme Court several pseudo liberals started crying that the order made injustice to Muslims.

But nothing can be done now. Supreme Court is the highest adjudicating authority. And Central Government is led by the BJP not the congress otherwise the entire judgment could have been reversed as done in the famous Shah Bano Case just to leverage the muslim vote bank.

Having said the above, it is not meant to hurt the feelings of anyone even distantly. But Lord Sri Ram holds highest degree of respect among the Hindus. He is worshipped because despite being Human his deeds were godly. His life was full of struggle yet he never lost his temper and kept on doing what was just. He showed the ideal path of human life. He ruled over the entire land without any discrimination. He made the public opinion above every one. Such was the government every party must aim for.

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